Getting Better Used Cars

The climbing prices of new cars have created worry among people who have always dreamed of owning a new car. The rising prices of new cars have diverted the attention of car lovers towards the second hand cars market. Used cars have become more popular than ever and a special thanks to our deserving engineers for making it possible to take a chance with used cars. As for the fact that any new vehicle loses a high percentage of its value as soon they are driven off a showroom or the dealer’s lot, used cars have always attracted the practical buyers.

The introduction of used car trade in India has somehow decreased the advantages of buying a new car. Taking up a new car really demands the consumer to cut down a heavy amount of money from his budget. But there is always a doubt in the consumer’s mind while purchasing someone else’s car. The used car, so purchased, may be equipped with certain faults in it that cannot be noticed at the time of purchasing. Buying a car definitely costs your time and energy but with a large number of used cars available in the market, this time and energy is an investment rather than wastage. This investment will result in making a better decision. You can ask the dealer or the seller for any inquiry that you have regarding the car you have interest in. Inspecting the car before the test drive will also make many of your doubts clear about the quality and performance of the car.

The seller and the buyer, both are like clients for dealer and therefore the dealer does not hesitate in asking for his commission from his clients. This commission may be either fixed or on a percentage basis as per the terms and conditions of the dealer. Apart from these used car dealership stores, there is also another option i.e. online web portals, that can help you out in getting the best used car at a reasonable price. And the major advantage of using an online classified website is that it directly connects the buyer and the seller without the intervention of any dealer or agent.

Auto Dealer Chat – 7 Must Have Features That Can Impact A Dealership’s Bottom Line

Live Chat Feature #1

Automatic Log-in / Log-out

For live chat to work, users must be logged in, online and available to accept consumer inquiries. With so much happening at the dealership, salespeople and their supervisors are generally busy. Remembering to log in and out of a chat client each day can be one more step users are likely to forget. Choosing a live chat tool that can automatically detect when dealership salespeople are present and available to answer chats saves managers from having to remind salespeople to log in so that they don’t miss potential chat leads.

Live Chat Feature #2

The Option For Dealerships To Answer Their Own Chats

How many car dealerships outsource their phone calls? Those that do should also outsource their chat conversations, but all other dealerships should insist on the option of answering their own. Live chat is simply another way for consumers to contact dealerships. Responding to interested buyers and building rapport over the phone is an important part of driving customers into the dealership; and the same is true for live chat. Trained salespeople are always a dealership’s best resource for responding to prospect questions regarding vehicle inventory, features and affordability.

In times when the dealership needs support (peak traffic times, after-hours or when there simply are not enough salespeople available to answer chat leads) routing inquiries to a professionally staffed, outsourced chat center makes sense. In other words, a dealership shouldn’t have to choose between answering their own chat conversation versus outsourcing – they should be able to have the best of both worlds. Live chat providers that give dealerships first preference in answering chats themselves, while also providing the option for reinforcement when necessary, offer the best solution.

Live Chat Feature #3

Use Photos of Actual Salespeople Instead of Models

Customers are looking to engage with real people. Statistics show that including the actual name and photo of the dealership salesperson responding to the chat can double the number of chat inquiries dealers receive. Real names and photos also help salespeople build trust and rapport with buyers, knowing that the same person they are chatting with is also someone they are likely to meet and recognize walking into the showroom.

Live Chat Feature #4

Ability To Answer Chats While On The Go, Anytime, Anywhere

Consumers reach out and chat with dealerships when it’s convenient for them (whether inside or outside of normal business hours). As well, dealership salespeople are more effective when they are free to move about the dealership and not tied to their computers. Because of this, the ability to answer chat requests using mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone becomes a great advantage for dealers. Mobile chat answering means that salespeople remain active and available to consumers even while on the go. As a result, salespeople are able to field a greater number of requests and capitalize on more sales opportunities.

Live Chat Feature #5

One Tool Capable of Receiving Chat Leads From Across the Web

It is well known that the typical online car shopper visits a number of other websites (manufacturer, third-party listings, Craigslist, etc.) prior to visiting the dealership’s website. Accepting live chat requests from each of these additional touch points is essential to maximizing a dealership’s online lead and revenue potential. By selecting an auto dealer chat provider that accepts chat inquiries from sources around the web in addition to the dealership’s own website, dealers are able to increase leads while reducing the number of tools and processes their employees must learn.

Live Chat Feature #6

Centralized Reporting And Tracking For All Incoming Chat Leads

Building on the importance of efficiency and consolidation, dealerships are wise to demand a reporting system that tracks their dealership’s success at responding to chats across all of the websites their chat invitations appear on. Getting a sense for which sources produce the greatest return on investment and which ones require additional attention can help dealers optimize and improve results. In fact, some auto dealer chat providers also enable dealerships to benchmark themselves against other dealerships within the same brand, region or dealer group.

Live Chat Feature#7

Dealer Group-Level Management

Managing chat across a multi-store group is challenging, especially when utilizing chat solutions designed for single-store implementations. Group-level management and tracking features offered by some chat providers allow group administrators, managers and Business Development Centers (BDCs) the ability to configure, manage, and track chat performance across all stores in the group from a single log-in and portal application.

How to Sell Your Car – Useful Tips

Everyone likes to enjoy a great deal while selling a car, but there are only few who actually manage to get it. Getting the price you want when selling a used car is never going to be easy as it may appear. This is because as a seller you may always have high valuations of your own vehicle. However, there are lots of things you can do to ensure or help you in getting the real value of your car. You need to understand selling a car is all together different experience. In fact, there are various important factors that you need to take care of. Nevertheless, today there are different sorts of traditional and non-traditional methods that can help you selling your car. If you don’t know how to go about it then here are some of the most feasible ways that can help you in selling your car:

Free Car Advertising Service – Selling a car online can reach more potential buyers compared to any other advertising method. Nowadays, there are numerous automotive websites available in the web world that usually offer free car advertising services. These automotive websites act as online auto portals and has features specifically designed to sell your car online. Though, here you too need to be honest about your car condition. Try to provide as many details or features as you can. Never represent your car wrong. If it has a severe defect that you are aware of, you must tell to your potential buyers. Apart from all this, always ensure to indicate to the potential buyer how to contact you either via email or by phone.

Approach Directly to a Dealer– Approaching directly to dealership for selling your car can be the next feasible option that you can easily work on. These days you may easily find numerous licensed dealers who can purchase your vehicle. Perhaps it could be a very quick technique of selling your car with a minimum of paperwork and without any hassle. However, the key point that you need to understand is while selling your car to a dealer you just cannot anticipate getting the same price as selling privately. Usually, dealers always look for their profit and an allowance for warranty repairs. So you need to shop around to find the right dealer for the best price.

Private Sale – This is another option that you can too work on to sell your car. Though, in this case you may need to give the right impression. So the best things you can do – give a nice wash and polish to your car as much as you can. Adding to this, try to carry out simple and mechanical repairs if required and make sure every electrical component functions properly.

Park & Sell Arrangements – This is one of the most traditional methods of selling a car. In fact, it is one of the few methods that is still very popular and can be followed very easily. All you require is just park your car in traffic or parking location highlighting about the price or the seller’s contact information posted on the window.

Online Auction can be next Option – These days, you too have numerous automotive websites that offer online auction service. Selling your car at auction too has numerous advantages. You don’t have to bother about telephoning different people about the car and taking it for a test drive. In fact, these days many online automotive auction websites provide car detailing services and even at times give advice on what price you can expect for the car. The fee you pay is the percentage of the selling price. However, in this case you need to write your auction as honest as possible. Always state the condition of the car, the car history or any significant information about the car that might not be visible from the photos.

Nevertheless, the key point that you need to ensure while going for an online selling process of your used car through auction or advertisement is uploading the correct and clear picture of your car. At times, the quality and the amount of pictures of car play a very important role. Every buyer always desires to see precisely what they are getting and they may drawback when the pictures are unclear. Apart from this, be sensible about the asking price. Don’t overcharge, but leave some room for negotiation. Buyers always like getting a bargain, especially when purchasing a car.

Selling a car is not that difficult as you may think. You need is make use of proper media and reach to your potential buyers effectively. So try to make use of the few above mentioned tips.

Tips To Buy Car Parts Online

Cars are susceptible to wear and tear in due course of time. Accidents or seasonal wear and tear causes damage to the car. One may require to repair the damage by changing the car parts. One can buy the required parts from a local auto shop or a local car dealer. Some of the parts may not be available locally. One can always buy car parts online if they are not available locally. Numerous websites sell car accessories and parts over the World Wide Web. Here, are few basic tips before buying car accessories online.

One must understand that there are different portals that sell auto parts over the internet. One can research online in order to check the availability of auto parts. Major department stores have their own web portals that sell branded car parts. One can also search for auto parts on popular websites like eBay. Several companies internationally also auction their parts online. One can avail fantastic deals on classic car parts by participating in the above mentioned car auctions. It is essential that one must conduct adequate research before buying car parts online. If one is unsure about the quality, then he or she can seek advice from auto experts on various auto forums. Auto forums are an excellent online resource regarding reviews, repairs and maintenance of car parts.

Auto experts recommend the use of online site aggregators that help in comparing auto part prices across different sites. Use of online site aggregators ensures that one receives the best price on a car part. It is essential to check the authenticity of the web portal and the seller before making the payment. Many car owners have fallen prey to online swindles through fraudulent e-commerce websites. One must check if the sellers address and details are verified by the site. One must always check the seller’s background by researching his performance record online.

Always buy from authorized dealers or their websites. Do not fall prey to websites that offer incredibly low prices for car parts. Most of these websites have outdated stocks or inferior quality of stock available with them. One must check if the e-commerce site contains a VeriSign or Thwate certificate. These certificates assure that payments through the site are secure. Do not rush into purchase by being tempt of offers. One should always research, compare, analyze and then make a final choice regarding the sale.