Best Car Deals, Drive Out With the Best Offer

India is a hot destination for many world-class car manufacturers. The tremendous growth and development in the economic conditions in the country has added to the growth and development in the automobile industry also. There are car dealers in almost all major cities in India, which deal in various cars manufactured by both Indian and foreign car manufacturers.

There are car dealers who deal with a specific car manufacturer. The car manufacturers have appointed dealers to spread their network and marketing and sales activities of the car manufacturers. One can find any model of car of his choice in the show rooms of these car dealers. There are many models and colors of cars available with these car dealers. You will get all the relevant information, such as engine specifications, interior and exterior designs, efficiency, mileage, and other a with car dealers. You may also go on a test drive to experience the power and feel the performance and comfort of these cars.

Some car dealers also declare some lucrative offers time to time to attract potential consumers. You can also take the help of many websites and information portals that inform about various car dealers located in different parts of the country. You will get complete the information, such as address, contact number, email and website address. These car dealers also have their own websites giving various information on different models of cars, available with them.

There are specific car dealers who also specialize in used and second hand cars. Somebody looking to buy used or old cars can search for such a car dealer. Find the best car dealer in your locality to search for the kind of car that you are looking. Ask for various sales and after sales services offered both by the company and the dealer.

Your Best Car Deal – Avoiding Car Scams

Obviously, not all car dealers are dishonest and unethical. However, all car dealers are in business to make money.The way they do that is simple.They use every psychological trick, to take as much out of your wallet as possible.

Let us count the ways :

The Credit Score Scam:

You come in to buy a car, without a recent credit report.(bad dog!/stupid dog!) Because now your friendly helpful dealer gets to run your credit rating. And guess what he finds? Aw…too bad…your credit score is too low. But,because he/she/it(hey, this could be San Francisco!)is friendly and helpful…there is a solution!…it’s…

The Interest Rate Bump Scam:

Enter the dealership’s friendly financing counselor, who,even with your terrible credit score,somehow manages to get you the cash you need for your dream-mobile,for only 8%. What the friendly counselor doesn’t tell you – is the real rate. 6%. Guess into which pocket the other 2% goes?

The Subject to Financing Scam:

Imagining that somehow you’ve got the deal of a lifetime,you glide home in your shiny,new dream-mobile. A week or so passes. Then you get a call from your friendly,helpful dealer with some bad news. Your loan didn’t go through. But – not to worry, because ever helpful and friendly(not to mention resourceful) dealer,has managed(even with your terrible credit) to get you new loan with a lower monthly payment! What you don’t learn,until you arrive to sign on the dotted line,is that the rate of the loan,like politicians promises, has increased.

The Trade In Scam: (one of mmmmmmmany)

Some weeks after trading in your old pile o’ junk, for your brand new dream-mobile,you get a call from the bank. They want to know why you did’nt make your last payment on pile o’ junk. You explain that you traded in,and that your friendly,helpful car dealer is responsible for those payments. When the bank asks if you’ve got that in writing, then you realize that your pals at friendly and helpful must have just forgotten to make the payments. And guess what direction your credit rating heads now?

The Dealer Prep Scam:

After scoring the deal of a lifetime,with everything signed and sealed – you suddenly get hit for an extra $600 or so. For what? You rightly ask. Why,for the folks at friendly n’ helpful to prepare your dream-mobile for delivery of course! Such as the state of their “art”,they are able to say this with a straight face, their tone implying that you are a few bricks short of a full load. Even though the manufacturer’s sticker on the windshield states that “suggested retail price includes pre-delivery service!”

These are just a few of the “tools” of the car jockeys trade. For you to get the dream-mobile you want, at the price you want, you need to understand and accept that You will never, I repeat,NEVER out bargain friendly, helpful car sales shark. These people are professionals.They do it day in, day out, on (you’ll pardon the pun) auto-pilot. You may think you’re smarter than the average bear. And you may well be. But attempting to outdance a sales professional is financial suicide.

Knowledge is, indeed, power. So know your credit score. Have your credit report in your pocket. Have your financing arranged BEFORE you pass the portals of friendly n’ helpful motors. Negotiate from strength. Call them on their b.s. And don’t hesitate to walk if The “deal” isn’t right. Take your cue from that old country song – “The Gambler ” – “You’ve got to know when to fold.”

Good luck!

Car Sales – Selling And Buying Your Car Online

When it comes to selling or buying used cars, one might feel a bit apprehensive. There are many issues to deal with. For instance, when selling your car you are going to have to find the best bargain but also will need to pay a fixed percentage to your car agent who will get you potential buyers.

The same issues also apply when you are buying a used car. The most routine way is to contact a dealer to get you the type of car that will come within your budget range. The most common problem with car dealers is finding someone that will not double cross you on the price. Online car buying and selling helps reduce these worries in many ways.

Getting Started

Getting started is pretty straightforward and much smoother than you might have thought. All you will need to do is post an advertisement for selling your car online and you will start getting calls from potential buyers very soon. The important point here is that there are no certainties as to when you are able to clinch a deal beneficial to you. However, you also do not want to keep paying for advertisements as this will eventually burn a hole in your wallet.

The best way to get your car for sale to be posted online is by publishing your ad on exclusive used car websites that particularly cater towards people that want to sell or buys used cars online. There are many online used car buy and sell portals now that you can choose from. Some will even allow you to post a video of the car you’re trying to sell. Most of these sites offer complete more cost effective solutions for your car selling or buying problems.

Register Your Car For Free

Many online automotive classifieds sites offer free subscriptions for you to post your car for sale. The other benefit of this is that typically most websites will allow you to run your ad until your car is sold. So there is nothing really to lose. Another unbeatable advantage you get by posting online is that the chances of you getting the best price for your used car are significantly higher. A reason for this is that thousands of potential buyers visit such sites every day unlike your local dealer that can never really transcend territorial restrictions. By all means, when thousands of used car buyers are reading your ad, you are bound to come across a handful that will offer you exactly the kind of money you are anticipating.

Tips to Buy a New Car!

Buying a new car is decision that is welcomed with excitement and fanfare. However, choosing the right car takes a lot of time and effort. You have to browse through the models weighing the pros and cons gradually choosing what best suits your requirements. The car salesman will surely try his or her level best to sell you the car. However, how do you know that the car is really worth it? After all, the last thing that you want is to buy a car and end up regretting the investment. Buying a new car does not require you to be an expert. Simply taking into consideration a few basic factors, doing a little research and analyzing the results can ensure that you buy the right car.

For those of you who are na├»ve to the concept, here is a beginner’s guide to buying a new car:

Just go through the options

There are plenty of cars in the market. However, you are not under any compulsion to buy the first model that you see. During the initial phase of visits to car dealerships, simply browse through the different models and take in as many details as you can. This initial browsing will help you understand the different options and narrow down on the models that can suit your requirements.

Compare the models

Once you have shortlisted the cars that interest you, spend some time to analyze every model. Compare the models on the basis of engine capacity, mileage and other crucial factors. This will help you further fine tune your preference from amongst the many options.

Check the prices

Every dealer has his or her profit margin taken into consideration before they quote the price of the car. Therefore, you must always cross check your choices with other dealers as well. In fact, these days you can also do the price checking through online car selling portals at the mere click of a button.

Inspect the model

Even if you are buying a new car, insist on inspecting the model thoroughly before making the actual purchase. In fact, if possible get an expert’s opinion on the car and its condition.

Get your paperwork in order

This is an important aspect when it comes to buying a car. As a customer, it is mandatory for you to check all the paperwork and ensure that it is in perfect order. This paperwork includes ownership of the car, insurance of the vehicle as well as necessary approvals from the regional transport authority.