How To Find Authentic Used Car Dealers Reviews

All motorists are aware that purchasing an automobile is an expensive and infrequent event, and that it needs to be approached with the utmost caution. You must be positive that your automobile is the right choice for you and that it is mechanically sound. In order to fully trust in a new vehicle’s long-term reliability, you have to have faith in the people that sold it to you. This can become an issue if you are specifically interested in purchasing pre-owned vehicles from used car dealers.


Before selecting a used car dealer, it is a good idea to do some preliminary research on their reputation. After all, you are looking for someone who is honest and puts customer service and satisfaction before all else. You need to do business with a company that is known for solving problems quickly and politely. You also are looking for someone to offer you a good value for your hard-earned money.

But how can you be sure that anything you read is accurate? There are many Internet sites and trade magazines that are abuzz with glowing reviews of new and used car dealers, and many of these companies have websites that are wall-papered in positive client reviews. But is there any way to ensure that these testimonials are authentic? Can’t they be the work of a clever public relations manager? There are more genuine ways to gauge the popular opinion of used car dealers.

Stand-Alone Car Sites

There are numerous car websites that have review boards where you see how a pre-owned vehicle seller has been received by the public. Most of the larger automotive portals such as Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, and Car and Driver also have dedicated spaces for user-generated dealer reviews on their sites.

Many of these reviews are brutally honest, and since the site has no reason to pull them, both good and bad reviews remain posted. New and pre-owned sellers are rated in different areas including quality of repair, overall facilities, customer service, and the buying process.

There are now even dedicated websites that only post reviews of auto sellers and no other content. The only drawback to these sites is that they are based on page views and are probably not diligently moderated. Therefore, vicious content spawned by personal vendettas and other nonsense may be mixed in with legitimate reviews.

General Review Sites and Social Media

Sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google require that reviewers submit their real names in order to post a review, adding authenticity.

Social media is also a great indicator of a local business’s reputation. If you do a random hashtag search on Twitter or look through the comments on the company’s Facebook page, you will get an idea of how they are seen in the community.

Generally, any site where a person is laying claim to the review is more likely to contain honest reviews than sites like Yelp or Merchant Circle. Again, some people use these anonymous forums to childishly complain about things that most people would not take offense to.

In the end, it all depends on who you can personally trust. However, with a healthy dose of common sense, and the wisdom that comes with spending time on the Internet, you should be able to distinguish fake reviews from real ones easily.

Second Hand Car Selling Tips

There is a huge market for second hand cars in India.Selling your vehicle in India is made easy with the arrival of internet. Many Indian automobile manufacturer’s have ventured in used car segment. Many Auto companies sell certified second hand cars which are popular among Indians. There are two ways to sell your used four-wheeler in India. First, dealer can help you to trade your vehicle. But you have to pay him a commission for his service or sell to him for a lower price. Next, you can also trade your vehicle directly to the seller. That means you have to attend phone calls, deal with strangers and negotiate prices. Chances of getting higher prices are more in direct sales.

Reasonable pricing is the key tactics for selling your used car in India.. There is no standard selling price for second hand car. Your price should be based on mileage, car condition, and model demand and maintenance history. If your vehicle price is higher, buyer may not be interested in the deal. Research the local newspapers and auto classifieds for wide range of used vehicle prices. You will get an idea on selling price of your used four-wheeler in India.

Buyers in India love a clean vehicle. Clean the car inside and out. Touch up paint scratches. Do some minor repairs and make it glow and shine. It will maximize the possibility of quick and profitable sale. Advertise in local newspaper or online classifieds. Describe the color, condition, mileage, engine type and any additional accessories of your used vehicle. Mention whether it is a dealer sale or for sale by owner. Sale by Owner advertisement has a good response in India than dealer advertisement. Provide maximum information in your ad. There are many paid and free Indian second hand car portals available in the Internet to post your ad.

Agree to meet the prospective car buyer at a safe place. Do not allow strangers to visit your home. Buyer may have done research on car price. Explain the positive aspect of your vehicle. Show him relevant documents and records. Be prepared to accept the counter-offer and respond to it politely. Explain why you feel the car price is fair. All buyers expect honesty from the seller. Reveal the known flaws of your used car. Honesty is the right thing and eliminates your worries. Some buyers may want to test drive the car. Beware, car thefts are common in India. Check the driving license and insurance proof before allowing him to drive.

Once the buyer agreed on a price, all that remains is getting cash. It is the most common problem from seller’s angle. Never agree for future payment. Cash is the easier form of transaction. If the buyer brings you check, deliver the car once it is cashed. Do not sign the agreement, until you receive full payment.

Begin Your Used Car Search Online

Shopping for used cars can be a tiresome process to find the right vehicle at the right price. Avoid the stress and extra expenses and begin your used car search online. You can spend days scouring used car listings and driving all over everywhere to find just the right car or truck for you. When you factor in your time and expenses to go out and find the used cars you are interested in you may find out you have added a lot more money to the price of the car you buy without even realizing it.

Used car shopping has changed so much over the last decade, we have moved from the classified listings in your local paper to local auto magazines and now to the internet to buy our used cars and trucks. With the fast pace of change in the internet the only thing that is constant is change. There are so many places to find used cars for sale on the internet it may seem like a hopeless process at times. You can find used cars for sale on national portal sites like those found on Autotrader and Cars dot com. There are also regional portal sites to allow dealers in a specific geographic area to list their used cars and trucks for sale and who could forget the national classified sites like Craigslist and Oodle.

All of those sites are designed to combine thousands or even millions of listings all in one place for buyers to browse through and find the used car of their choice. When you find the vehicle you want you can fill out a form that will be forwarded to a seller or call the number on the listing to contact the seller about the vehicle you are interested in. These sites work as a middle person to help buyers and sellers find each other.

You can also shop online on used car dealer websites and browse the inventory of a particular seller. A used car dealer website will feature just the dealer’s own inventory and maybe if the dealer owns more than one location you may find those vehicles on the site as well. Some used car dealers have even started to develop their own geographic or specialty websites to meet the needs of the car buying public.

No matter which type or types of sites you choose to search for your vehicle on you are able to compare multiple vehicles without ever leaving the comfort of your home. That will allow you to narrow down your list of potential vehicles without having to spend the time and gas to drive around. Shopping online will also allow you to compare prices so you will be better informed when you are actually ready to make that purchase.

Cheap Old Cars

The modernized technological instruments have hardly made it possible for us to see the olden vintage models of yesteryear. The online web automotive portals are the only resource today available that helps us to trade in olden antique cars and trucks. The various categories available online today offers antique models like modern classics, American classics, antique, convertibles, muscle, motorcycles, sports, hot roads, classic trucks and many other varieties of trucks. Some of the most traded cheap old cars for sale online include the most famous automotive manufacturers like Morris, Oldsmobile, Fiat, Extreme trucks, Jaguar, Toyota, Delorean, Lotus, Cadillac, Willys, Nissan, Duesenberg, Acura, Mg, Aston Martin and many more.

It had never been so easy to locate cheap old cars for sale with easy transactions over the net and less paper work. The online automotive portals make it an easier job for common laymen to locate the dealers for old cars. Select the best used cars and old cars just with a click of a mouse; make use of customized search options to locate the best car you have ever been searching for. The Internet automotive buys are easy and quick methods to locate the old antique models that is surely going to give you a satisfying results. The sites consists of a comprehensive listings of the best traded antique models that gives the best car options to select from and also helps you with driving techniques. The online cheap old cars portals often provide regular discounts to its customers who are looking for a quick buys and sale of the models as a trading tool.

Each of the published old cars have their history reports listed along with varied angle pictures and also the safety information of the car, you can avail of the best knowledge you can get for buying the car of your choice. Some of the best-known cheap car models for sale online are Ford Model A, Chevrolet Camaro RS muscle, Ford Victoria, Ford Mustang muscle, Ford High boy muscle cars, Ford thunderbird muscle, Ford Super Deluxe, Chevrolet Camaro muscle cars and many more models.